With the extensive developments in todays lighting technology the need for pre visualisation of lighting rigs in advance of the actual production loadin is becoming more and more crucial.

The costs associated with creating a 3D rendered Pre Visualisation of your event is a lot cheaper than paying for more days onsite to allow you to program lighting cues and eliminates the long nights programming outdoor events lighting.

CCP utilizes leading Pre Visualisation software like WYSIWYG and MA 3D to draw up your event and provide HD renders of what the stage, set and lighting will look like.

We can also connect any of our extensive range of lighting consoles to the software to show realtime control of the lighting or to pre program lighting cues.

This saves time onsite and can save you money while improving the end result of your production.

Email us by clicking here or for more info call in to see our Pre Visualisation studio in action for yourself.