With our broad practical understanding of specialist lighting applications, we know whichlighting fixturess will best suit your structure.

Working with your brief and budget, CCP’s design team creates new looks with the leading edge over other lighting suppliers and electrical contractors.

Control systems are an intricate part of any lighting design.  CCP’s experienced programmers specialise in liaising with clients to ensure their concepts and ideas are transformed into spectacular effects.

Research and development

The benefit of CCP’s extensive knowledge in lighting and keeping abreast of fad’s and longevity in the market place, we have this added benefit to ensure that whatever the budget is and whatever the application is, this knowledge is priceless.

Using tried and tested equipment, we ensure our external lighting systems are tough enough to be weathered in an outdoor environment.

CCP have always systematically investigated and tested our products.  We avoid the pitfalls of inferior equipment using rigorous testing and industry insights into quality control.

Lowering the carbon footprint

Whilst maintaining the integrity of the design and installation, CCP are dedicated to reducing every project’s carbon footprint.  It’s a win-win situation – it costs less to run and enhances your green credentials.

Featured structures


CCP has worked closely with manufacturers custom-made lighting to illuminate architectural structures like Burswood Resort and Casino, Trafalgar Bridge, Council House, Parliament House and King’s Park Memorial.  Please take a look at our gallery.