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Concert & Corporate Productions Departments:

Administration & Accounts:
Camille, Sean & Amanda handle the day to day administration of the company.

Production Management:
Handles the Operations and Production Co Ordination on a day to day level.
CCP’s Production Managers Sean and Jake handle all client bookings and can quote, design and liase with all our clients to achieve the best possible results.

Automated Lighting:
Rio heads up our Automated Lighting Department and he maintains and controls our extensive inventory to make sure everything is ready for the next show.

Analogue Lighting:
Dean looks after our Analoge Lighting Departments that takes in a broad spectrum of fixtures from ETC Source 4’s thru to Parcans and Followspots.

Jake also looks after our Rigging Department that includes all Chain Motors and hoists as well as our extensive truss and rigging equipment inventory.

Jake & Rio take care of our Video department and maintains the systems contained in that department ensuring they are ready at a moments notice for deployment.

Consoles & Control:
Rio & Dean look after all our Consoles and Control gear, without a full functioning console even the biggest rig can fail. CCP prides iteself in maintaining the highest levels of service and extra special attention is given to our consoles to keep them in peak performance and up to date.

Khalid looks after our service department, he is responsible for all repairs and servicing of our own inventory as well as repairs and maintainence of equipment for external companies and clients.
Khalids knowledge and experience with complex electronics allows him to repair onsite many components that would normally have to be sent east for repair.

Transport & Logistics & Warehousing:
Les looks after our fleet of vehicles and ensures they are in complete readiness for the next production.
Les also looks after our day to day deliveries and pickups around Perth and liases with fellow Production Companies and clients in relations to subhires and other hires.
Les is also responsible for the warehousing and storage of all our inventory on the rare occasion that it is all back in the warehouse and not out on hire.