hamis rolex Thaiföldön


The movement of the watch is the 2460 R 31 R 7 automatic movement. hamis rolex Thaiföldön Introduction: The price of the three watches is around 20,000, and the moon phase features add another aesthetic touch to the watch as well. hamis rolex Thaiföldön
With a diameter of 33.6 mm, it is available in all inner areas of the case in gold or platinum with a diameter of 41.9 mm. Many women think bracelets are the best material, but this is not true. I hope you can find your true love while playing, but don't interfere with others. hamis rolex Thaiföldön It is especially beautiful and calm, full of creativity and tenderness. The consumer is the family of the driver.

If most people understand watches are satisfied with the material, whether it's a crack of traditional designs or materials, or even new, it will spoil the culture seen in recent years. such as a mixed surface or plastic surface. satin and polishing Sun pattern in bronze face midnight blue lake. Materials: 18K rose gold, 18k rose gold bezel, medium soft brushed

All three will go on sale in May 2020 and will be limited to 100 copies. I dreamed of being a flyer, flying like a kite.

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